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Welcome to the Abrun WikiEdit

For all information regarding Abrun, a steampunk world written primarily by Remwald. Constantly expanding and looking for help. As a warning, this world is primarily a world created in literature and therefore most articles and content will be lacking in art or other such things until artists are found who are willing to work within the wiki's budget (Free).

A Brief Description of the WorldEdit

Abrun is a steampunk world in which technology rules most of the world. It explores the possibilities of what would happen if steam and clockwork became viable power sources on a world that is similar to our own yet far from the same. In the world are five countries, Brakton, Cavinat, Edificium, Sanetha and Somiltrope. Each of these countries has a unique way of looking at the world and designing their technology. Perhaps the most important aspect of the world is Unitasium, the power source of clockworks and Eranium, the power source for all steam technology.

This isn't to discount the effect religion has had on the world, in a world so heavily dependent on technology then superstition, religion was connected to technology. The World Turbine was the first to show up with the Grand Design following shortly behind in an attempt to gain followers.

Roleplaying and you.Edit

The world of Abrun is meant to be a world for any and all creative endeavours that could include it. While books and stories are likely to be the primary format for things related to the world, roleplaying is another option. Anyone can make a group for roleplaying in the world and is encouraged to do so if they want to. Roleplaying groups can be made official if permission is asked from Remwald and is granted. Anything that happens in an official RP group is considered to have happened in the canon world, this means that the actions of one can and will influence other groups.

The first RP group in the world, Gears and Golems, is managed primarily by Remwald and accepts new people at any time. The system used for it is a homebrewed system that is presently unnamed. Information on it can be found here. Whatever you use, or whomever you game with, remember to have fun.

How to get started.Edit

To get started, just enter in your character's name and follow the instructions!

Now, figure out what group you want to join and ask the relevant person's permission. Or do this step first. Work on your character, flesh out their page and enjoy!

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